AWS signs up to help bridge ICT skills gap in Thailand

Image courtesy of AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society of Thailand (MDES), to help with the digital transformation of the Thailand Government Cloud.

Eric Conrad, Worldwide Public Sector Regional Managing Director of ASEAN for AWS, said the MoU allows MDES and Thai government agencies to consider using AWS as part of Government Data Center and Cloud Service (GDCC), the central cloud infrastructure for government agencies. 

Customers will be able to leverage the breadth and depth of more than 200 fully-featured AWS Cloud services, including AWS’s security capabilities and global infrastructure, to drive innovation and cost savings in delivering advanced citizen services.

In addition, MDES will also work with other Thai government agencies and AWS to identify strategic pilot workloads to run on AWS through the GDCC over the next year. 

The pilots will help to showcase the speed that government agencies can experiment with cloud technology to innovate and deliver their missions.

“Our extensive network of AWS Partners and startups in Thailand will also help us to accelerate innovation in citizen services, and better deliver on the Thailand government’s missions to transform the nation into a digital economy,” said Conrad.

To help accelerate innovation with the Thailand Government, AWS will collaborate with MDES on a skilling plan, and provide support to train more than 1,200 employees with cloud skills. 

AWS will provide on-demand digital courses and facilitated training events, so that government employees can develop the skills needed to implement cloud technologies at scale, make better data-driven business decisions, and innovate new services to drive improved outcomes for citizens.

To make cloud skills accessible, AWS offer over 30 free digital training courses available in Thai, with courses on topics such as cloud foundations, machine learning, data analytics, security, and more.

“To upskill Thailand’s future workers, we’re collaborating with higher education institutions to help students build in-demand cloud skills prior to entering the workforce through AWS Academy, a free, ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum for higher education institutions,” said Conrad.

Eight Thai higher education institutions in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, and Pathum Thani have incorporated AWS Academy courses into their curriculums.

Through the MOU, the Thailand government can have access to AWS infrastructure that spans over 26 geographic regions and 84 Availability Zones (AZs) across the globe. This includes AWS Regions across APAC such as Singapore, Sydney, Mumbai, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, and Jakarta.