AWS, HKSTP rev up innovation, tech development in Hong Kong

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) are working together to foster a robust Innovation and Technology (I&T) ecosystem in Hong Kong. 

With this collaboration, AWS and HKSTP will launch a series of programs under four key pillars to drive innovation of IT companies, startups, and researchers throughout their entire growth cycle – Research & Development, Technology Simulation, Co-incubation, and Talent and Culture Cultivation.

One R&D, HKSTP is joining the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program which extends Open Data access through STP Platform, to support local research teams, including those from universities and research laboratories. 

Using AWS cloud services, AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program allows researchers worldwide to share and analyse datasets derived from latest studies on global pandemics, cancer, and more. The collaboration will allow researchers at HKSTP partner companies to improve efficiency, while saving costs and time needed for research and data processing.

Also, AWS will support STP Platform to visualise outcomes through Technology Simulation, allowing developers to conduct tests and simulations at lower costs. 

AWS and HKSTP will also form a “train-the-trainer” program using AWS RoboMaker, allowing developers to effortlessly simulate applications under virtual 3D environments and test robotics solutions built with different coding languages, all with reduced costs and higher efficiency. Programs to support simulation of other emerging technologies will follow.

Further, AWS and HKSTP will continue to nurture startups and support their business growth. Targeting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups, the first six-month acceleration program will provide training, technical and business consultation to help them unlock the potential of SaaS business model, enhance their SaaS products, and ultimately drive business growth and success.

To nurture homegrown IT talents, AWS will use its global training and education resources to equip students and practitioners together with HKSTP. In the first phrase, AWS and HKSTP will provide technical training in biotechnology and AI for InnoHK clusters, enterprises, and startups. 

Based on the needs of the participating organisation, AWS will also provide tailor-made capacity-building packages including talent training and Amazon innovation culture workshops.

“We have witnessed the surging demand from businesses on cloud computing knowledge and innovation technologies,” said Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP.

Wong said this partnership combines the scale and technology expertise of AWS with HKSTP’s R&D, incubation and commercialisation capabilities to accelerate the development of Hong Kong’s I&T ecosystem while firmly establishing the city’s status as a global innovation hub.

“Since 2014, AWS and HKSTP have been working together on a number of cloud programs and trainings,” said Robert Wang, AWS managing director of Hong Kong & Taiwan.