Australia’s Department of Defence awards US$67m ERP contract to IBM

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The Department of Defence (DoD) has awarded a $95.5 million contract to IBM to deliver the initial design of the Defence Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program, according to a statement released by the DoD.

The ERP program plans to roll out initial capability for finance reporting in 2020, followed by a larger logistics and maintenance capability in 2022.

The program is Defence’s largest-scale Information Communication Technology transformation program that will meet Australian Defence Force demands as it modernises capabilities and builds high-performing supply chains.

The program will progressively deliver solutions that will affect every Defence member and transform the way Defence does business. It will provide a near real-time view of critical information across Defence to better inform decision making.

ERP will modernise, integrate and transform Defence’s approach to managing its finances, human resources, logistics, engineering, maintenance and estate.

The IBM contract will see the provision of system integrator services to deliver the Design phase of Tranche 1 of the capability. It will also cover the high-level design for subsequent ERP Tranches and set the foundation elements for finance and human resources.