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Atos advances quantum computing, AI in India

Atos and the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a national R&D organisation under India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, have signed a cooperation agreement for technology advancement in the areas of quantum computing, artificial intelligence and exascale computing.

In addition to delivering an Atos Quantum Learning Machine, this partnership encompasses the creation of a Quantum Computing Experience Center at C-DAC’s headquarters in Pune. 

It aims to bring together users from academic, scientific, research and industry to rapidly acquire skills and develop further expertise in the field of quantum computing.

The French company has supplied a universal programming language (AQASM) and the relevant resources and training. Atos and C-DAC researchers will work closely together to experiment with disruptive technologies to better manage the evolution of applications and to meet the challenges associated with digital simulation, big data, and even artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Also, the agreement aims to develop a long-term program which includes the sharing of experience on exascale computing technical challenges and collaboration on roadmaps in line with the national objectives and global positioning.

C-DAC has a planned roadmap for launching an exascale supercomputer soon with priority for nation specific applications.

Further, the cooperation outlines the way Atos and C-DAC could jointly work on technology development AI projects — including using AI to enhance the efficiency of high-performance computing systems; running AI workloads on HPC systems and creating an ecosystem of AI devices dedicated to accelerating or concentrating inference execution near the edge.

“This agreement will strengthen the R&D activities between France and India with C-DAC and Atos significantly contributing to technology development and nation economic growth,” said Pierre Barnabé, SEVP and head of big data and security at Atos.