Asia/Pacific Governments Focus on Open Data, Open Source to Deliver Innovative Citizen Services

This Whitepaper is sponsored by Red Hat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened digitalization across the board, in businesses as well as in the government. Governments now have to deal with a broad and complex client base of citizens who are more digitally engaged than ever. As a result, the data footprint is expanding and at the same time, demand for data is rising due to citizens’ increasing desire for personalized services and experiences.

With data available in abundance, governments are looking at new approaches to harness it responsibly in order to fulfill citizens’ needs through better products and services.

In this info brief, we outline the top 5 technologies the AP public sector will invest in over the next three years.

Key takeaways:
• Key drivers for governments’ technology investments and Data utilization in AP
• The potential of AI, data, open source, and technology to deliver innovative citizen services
• How data helps governments in smarter policymaking
• Outcomes of achieving consistent and personal multichannel experiences, efficient operations, and digital equity
• Citizens’ concerns over personal data