Arrow Electronics boosts HK startup’s rollout of smart sports gadgets

Arrow Electronics has entered into an IoT and engineering services collaboration with Hong Kong-based technology startup Platysens to accelerate the commercialisation of smart and connected sports devices.  

Founded by sports enthusiasts in 2014, Platysens is a startup focused on sports sensors and analysis.

“We see there is a unfulfilled demand in the market for robust smart wearables to provide swimmers with accurate and real-time data and analysis,” said CY Wong, founder of Platysens, “Thanks to the engineering guidance and support by Arrow, we are able to rapidly integrate IoT and sensing technology and shorten our new product introduction cycle.”

Benefited from the free engineering consultative services available at Arrow’s Open Lab located in Hong Kong Science Park, Platysens is able to rapidly combine algorithm, IoT, and sensing technology to accelerate its new smart product development schedule.  

With the engineering support and consultative service provided by Arrow engineers at its Open Lab, Platysens put together a working prototype for its new product SEAL, which is expected to be launched by end of the year.  This smart gadget is designed to capture the motion and force of the swimmer exerted by different parts of the body over time.  

Powered by STMicroelectronics MEMS, force sensor, and Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth low-energy system-on-a-chip, the device transforms physical strokes and force movement into digital data, delivering real-time and accurate actionable insights for swimmers and trainers to understand efficiency and maximise performance.

“We are consistently seeking ways to make it easier for innovators and engineers to create, make and manage the technology of tomorrow,” said Jacky Wan, Arrow’s VP of engineering for APAC, adding that they will guide Platysens from ideation to proof of concept, design, testing, and mass production.

According to Arrow, its Open Lab has helped hundreds of technology companies and startups from the region in their idea-to-prototype-to-product innovation journey.