APAC shoppers prefer online stores with items in stock, priced lower

Image courtesy of Joshua Rawson Harris

Millennial and Gen X shoppers prefer to buy items online in Asia Pacific, results of the 2020 APAC Shopper Study from Zebra Technologies show.

This 12th edition of Zebra’s study covered 4,811 shoppers, 1,100 retail associates and 435 retail executives from North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific (1,000 respondents). Qualtrics interviewed them in August and September 2019.

Among respondents in APAC, 86% of millennials and 56% of Gen X shoppers indicated they shopped in a store and left without a purchase only to end up buying the item online, compared to only 25% of Boomers. Shoppers indicate out-of-stock items as the top reason for leaving without a purchase.

When it comes to brick-and-mortar purchasing, price is a top priority for shoppers. Almost three in 10 (29%) of shoppers surveyed report leaving a store because the price did not match the one found online.

Also, 81% of retail executives agree managing returns of online orders is a significant challenge. About 51% of them have started or are planning to upgrade their returns management technologies in the next five years.

“To win with shoppers today, retailers must deliver the seamless, multi-channel experience that customers expect and leverage technology to provide more personalised services for managing inventory and building smarter operations,” said George Pepes, APAC vertical solutions lead of healthcare and retail at Zebra Technologies.

A majority (63%) of shoppers believe that associates using handheld computers with built-in scanners can improve the shopping experience. Nearly half of associates report in store mobile devices help them provide a better shopping experience by enabling them to: find correct prices (48%), answer questions (46%) and save customers’ time (42%).

Among shoppers who would likely use in store technology services, 63% are into video touchscreen for locating items, checking prices, receiving promotions and scanning barcodes.

Also, 59% are likely to use location-based coupons sent based on a shopper’s in store location, and 58% are likely to use auto checkout services where they can leave a store without stopping to pay for items.