Antal picks X0PA AI platform for recruitment process outsourcing

Antal International is adopting X0PA AI’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution to improve their current recruitment processes as Antal footprint spreads across 130 offices in 30 countries.

Formed in 1993, Antal has rapidly grown across the globe through penetrating and having a major presence in all key talent markets, including strategically important developing countries. 

X0PA’s RPO has several features that are expected to enhance Antal’s existing recruitment processes such as patented AI to swiftly pre-screen candidates accurately and at scale; automated interview scheduling, VOIP integration and other productivity tools; and a series of AI, predictive and cognitive intelligence for better selections.

The solution also promises to reducing rote functionalities and manual functions; enhanced lead generation with X0PA’s Chrome Extension; reduced shortlist time by more than 50%; and end-to-end RPO management, from lead generation to invoicing.

“We had to move away from our previous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual,” said Joseph Devasia, managing director of Antal International Network in India.

“X0PA overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks,” said Devasia. “X0PA’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team.”

Deploying X0PA’s RPO brought about tangible benefits for Antal’s recruitment team, such as a 35% decrease in time to hire, 40% decrease in time to acquire new leads and a 50% decrease in time to shortlist candidates. 

X0PA’s 360-degree view — through AI-powered dashboards and reports -– helped in Antal’s decision-making processes, helping improve Antal recruiters’ and RPO consultants’ user experiences.