Amar Bank teams with Google Cloud for Indonesia’s first digital-only bank

Amar Bank has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud in introducing Senyumku as Indonesia’s first digital-only bank launched on the cloud, following the launch of Google Cloud’s new region in Jakarta.

Since then, Amar Bank has been using Google Cloud technology for various business use cases including deployment of various products and features, big data architecture, and artificial intelligence and analytics.

The collaboration between Amar Bank and Google Cloud is supported by FIS Cloud and Infofabrica, and sees the bank leveraging smart data analytics and machine learning to deliver “micro-personalised” customer experiences faster.

For example, Senyumku provides intelligence about users’ financial health and offers them easy ways to manage their finances. The app prompts users about their individual savings and spending patterns and nudges them to build a habit of saving. 

Vishal Tulsian, president director of Amar Bank said there were three main benefits of working with Google Cloud — scalability, security, and inbuilt AI.

“With Google’s credibility and high-security standardisation, Senyumku will become Indonesia’s first digital-only bank launched on the cloud with the emphasis on speed and security,” he added. “We hope that the presence of Senyumku can become a solution for the community to help them develop their saving habits and manage their finances wisely.”

Senyumku is specifically designed to encourage people to have saving habits with a better financial plan. By providing competitive interest rates, Senyumku is also designed to provide personalized information that can act as a personal reminder and financial advisor to its customers. 

Currently, Senyumku releases the Lite version with features that can be enjoyed through four easy steps: validation, registration, Electronic Know Your Customer (E-KYC), and account creation.

This version provides access and convenience for customers to try advanced features of Senyumku. Features that can be used in this version include personal financial management and investment in deposits.

In the future, Senyumku will come in a full version with the sophistication of AI technology to improve the financial advisory features and customers will be able to access all banking transaction activities.