Alstom links up with BT to lift connectivity to cloud

BT Group has signed a five-year contract with Alstom to upgrade its global network with the latest cloud-optimised connectivity solutions. 

The new network will connect Alstom’s operations at 350 locations in 60 countries, including manufacturing plants, offices, depots and data centres. 

The network will provide agile and secure access to company applications and services used by Alstom’s employees, of which 24,000 have been working remotely during the pandemic. 

Working with BT consultants using the Smart Transformation process, which aligns the right solutions to business needs, Alstom chose a managed network service based on the VMware SD-WAN solution. It will be delivered by BT over its new digital service platform. 

The service will help Alstom accelerate its “move-to-cloud” strategy. It will improve the company’s visibility of network traffic allowing it to optimise end-user experience. 

Also, the service includes a range of fully-managed or co-managed options giving Alstom the flexibility to take control of individual aspects of change management. 

“The move to internet as our primary network is part of our strategic plan — Alstom in Motion,” said Nicolas Vurpillot, network and network security director at Alstom. “It will provide secure, scalable and reliable access to applications while reducing cost and improving co-management.”

Vurpillot said that following a thorough assessment of available SD-WAN technologies, BT showed willingness and capability to innovate and enhance service levels.

Joris van Oers, managing director at BT, said the United Kingdom-based firm has been connecting Alstom’s global operations since 2015. 

He said Alstom will benefit from the very latest VMware SD-WAN service combined with BT’s trusted security, high reliability and a range of management options. 

“It is a great example of how our new generation of managed connectivity services give customers choice and flexibility when planning for their digital future,” he added.