Affin Bank seeks to be truly digital with Aspire Systems

Affin Bank in Malaysia has partnered with global technology services firm Aspire Systems to lead its digital transformation journey. 

With rapid adoption of digital banking services accelerated by the pandemic, consumers across all ages are looking for a seamless anywhere and anytime banking as well as personalised experience. 

Affin Bank digital transformation program will help to meet the changing expectations of their digital-savvy customers. 

Aspire Systems, with its experience in managing digital banking transformation programs, will help Affin to achieve digital maturity quickly and become a truly digital bank.

The bank chose the Temenos Infinity Digital Banking Experience platform, which will provide the bank with most features that are available “out of the box”. Affin Bank chose to partner Aspire Systems, being the preferred global digital partner for temenos digital banking solutions. 

“Affin Bank’s partnership with Aspire Systems is a continuation of our extensive growth strategy to morph into a forward-looking, tech-enabled and customer-centric organisation,” said Wan Razly Abdullah, president and group CEO of Affin Bank.  

“It will reinforce and complement the innovative products and services that we now have in place, as Affin Bank continues to meet the rapidly changing market’s needs and expectations as well as make the banking experience more convenient for our customers,” the CEO said.

Suresh Ranganathan, global head of banking and financial services at Aspire Systems, Affin Bank has conveyed a strong vision to use technology innovations to strengthen their business growth by reimagining the way they engage with their customers. 

“Leveraging the combined engineering expertise and an award-winning implementation center of excellence for Temenos Products at Aspire, Affin Bank will be able to build a dynamic and engaging mobile banking experience,” said Ranganathan.

Suresh Bhat, Aspire Systems VP and head of Asia Pacific, said this is a critical initiative for Affin Bank, which will help make significant progress on their omnichannel journey. 

“This engagement also marks an important milestone in Aspire’s success in the APAC region,” said Bhat.