3 in 4 APAC consumers don’t feel responsible for own data security

More than two-fifths (43) of Asia Pacific consumers expect businesses to protect their data, while another 32% believe it’s the responsibility of the government, F5’s Curve of Convenience 2020 Report shows.

Also, results show that more than nine in 10 (96%) consumers say they would choose convenience and frictionless or seamless application user experiences over security.

The study was conducted online from March 25 to April 13, with over 4,100 respondents from Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The report shows that 27% of respondents are not even aware of breaches to government sites or high-use applications, making it more important than ever to view customers as allies, working towards the common goal for a delightful, yet secure, digital experience. 

“To truly integrate convenience and security, businesses should proactively involve consumers across the development of the applications, not only at the end,” said Adam Judd, SVP of Asia Pacific, China and Japan at F5. “Ultimately, showing users what’s at stake will help them feel that they should be invested in their own protection.” 

Report highlights show that 69% of Asia Pacific users, on average, are choosing to give up their privacy to gain better experiences. Respondents from China (82%), India (79%) and Indonesia (79%) are the most willing to share their data, with respondents from Japan (43%), Australia (50%) and Singapore (58%) being the least likely to trade data for more seamless experiences.

Over a quarter (27%) of users are unaware of breaches despite hacks that affected government bodies or high-use applications.

Today’s users frequently choose frictionless experiences over security, but they still expect the organisations to safeguard their data. Only 4% of respondents stopped using an application as a result of a breach, however, their trust in an organisation’s abilities to protect their data is waning across the board — with social media companies witnessing the steepest drop in trust by 19-percentage points.