1 in 4 IT pros waste a day each week on needless tasks

One in every four IT professionals wasted more than one working day every week on unnecessary unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tasks, according to The IT Time Crunch report from IR.

Australia-based IR is a global provider of performance management and analytics for UC&C, IT infrastructure, and payment ecosystems.  

The report details the results of a recent survey of 214 IT professionals from the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore. Nearly 40% of respondents work in organisations with more than 10,000 end users.

Also, the report found that nearly 70% of respondents waste at least four hours per week. 

This is compounded on the backdrop of 50% reporting an increase in their day-to-day workload.

“It is shocking that one in four of the surveyed IT practitioners waste a full day a week needlessly on UC tasks,” ,” said John Ruthven, CEO and managing director of IR. “This in turn has a tremendous impact on costs and productivity.”

Ruthven said IT teams need added visibility and controls to manage complexities in their UC&C ecosystems.

The main challenges of IT teams included time wasted when troubleshooting issues, especially those they are unaware of, until reported. 

The research also indicates the toll this increasing workload causes, with IT teams who have become the “fire department” of an organisation. 

Multiple respondents changed roles or left jobs in the past three years seeking better work-life balance and working conditions.

Monitoring and performance management solutions can help IT teams identify the root causes of these problems without wasting crucial work hours.